The ADA Professional Training Certificate Program will be discontinued after the current offerings are completed.

The current course offerings are:
Course        Start Date                  End Date
ADA510B    November 6, 2017    April 1, 2018
ADA510C    November 6, 2017    April 1, 2018
ADA520A    November 6, 2017    April 1, 2018
ADA520B    November 6, 2017    April 1, 2018
ADA520C    November 6, 2017    April 1, 2018

Six courses are required to successfully complete the requirements for the certificate. The first course in the series - ADA510A has already concluded. If you have not already taken the ADA510A course, you cannot receive the certificate.

Registration for the above listed courses will conclude on March 1, 2018 to allow 30 days to complete the courses.

This 100% online program is designed to give you, a professional involved with workplace accessibility, training that is convenient and affordable as well as up-to-date and easily applied.  ADA coordinators will find this particularly applicable. From the convenience of your location and on your schedule, you can enjoy these powerful courses which feature substantial group interaction, relevant case law and real-life applications. 


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