Simulation at UAB

The goal of the UAB Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation (CIPES) is to bring together students and other learners from each of its schools, together with faculty and staff from UAB and the UAB Health System, into a cohesive and integrated system of interprofessional education and training with extensive use of a wide variety of simulation and clinical practice modalities
Optimal delivery of health care today cannot be achieved by individual practitioners from a single health care profession working with patients in isolation. Instead, providers from multiple professions commonly work interactively to deliver effective and efficient care.

Under the CIPES umbrella, learners become familiar with the knowledge and skills of colleagues from other professions and can work in health care teams that model real-world interprofessional collaborative practice.
CIPES objectives are accomplished through the work of three offices within the Center: the Office of Interprofessional Simulation for Innovative Clinical Practice (OIPS), the Office for Interprofessional Curriculum (OIPC) and the Office of Standardized Patient Education (OSPE).

CIPES is based in the Office of the UAB Provost. It is directed by Carlos A Estrada, MD, MS, Professor of Medicine.
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