Course Description

Participants will be educated about the safe and accurate steps specific to performing 10 office gynecology procedures commonly performed by primary care providers. Simulated models will be provided for participants to practice each skill.

  1. Endometrial Biopsy
  2. Endocervical Polypectomy
  3. I&D of Bartholin Gland Abscess-Word Catheter
  4. I&D of Bartholin Gland Abscess-Wound Packing 
  5. Vulvar Condyloma Treatment-Trichloroacetic Acid
  6. Pessary Fitting 
  7. Vulvar Biopsy
  8. Diaphragm Fitting
  9. IUD Insertion
  10. IUD Removal 

Learner Outcomes

1. Participants will understand the correct steps to safely perform 10 different gynecological office procedures.

2. Participants will demonstrate how to accurately perform 10 different gynecological office procedures.




2.7 CEUs awarded to nurses at the completion of this event (attendance for entire event required).

Additionally, special training is a requirement to add skills to the nurse practitioner license. A certificate of completion will be provided for participants to submit to their Board of Nursing or Board of Medicine to confirm this special office gynecology procedure training was received.

Location: UAB School of Nursing, Learning Resource Center Room 104

Parking: Directions for parking will be emailed to participants one week prior to the event.


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Office Gynecology Procedure Training
11:30AM to 5:00PM
Nov 01, 2019
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Face-to-face event  
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