Course Description

As the pace of technology and information accelerate, organizations are becoming increasingly complex. This complexity creates numerous challenges and opportunities. Challenges include balancing innovation with stability, meeting and exceeding production demands while minimizing errors and mishaps, and understanding the emerging nature of risk which tends to reveal itself in unforeseen ways. Opportunities in this era of complexity include developing innovative solutions to address internal challenges and customer needs, empowering employees to become a creative force for continuous improvement, and developing a leadership mindset and culture that will support sustainable operations.

The Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) course addresses numerous shortcomings in many of today’s leadership and management systems, safety management systems, and work method planning and execution systems. With a foundational premise that human error is inevitable and that complex systems can contain latent error traps, the HOP course will enable learners to create team-based approaches to improve work system development, hazard mitigation strategies that make it harder for employees to do the work incorrectly and easier for them to do it correctly, and leadership strategies that empower employees at all levels to do their best work. Particular emphasis is given to implementation of a HOP culture and non-technical leadership and team optimization skills within a HOP framework that are often absent from other hard-science academic offerings. One of the ultimate goals of this course is to help organizations become learning organizations with a focus on continuous improvement in not only safety but in leaders, teams, and operational performance.

A weekly online 1-hour live session will be conducted to discuss the course content for the particular week.

Contact Randy Cadieux at rcadieux@uab.edu for more information about this course.

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Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of Human and Organizational Performance
  • Assess each HOP Principle's ability to positively influence corporate operations and culture
  • Explain why human error occurs during routine and non-routine work
  • Identify work contexts that influence worker behavior
  • Distinguish between effective learning strategies that will further your organization's HOP journey
  • Develop a notional policy statement for addressing human error and failure that avoids blame language
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Human and Organizational Performance: Champions Course
Totally online, fixed date
Jan 30, 2023 to Mar 31, 2023
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Champions Course Fee non-credit $1,200.00
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